Give Your Home a Face Lift with New Flooring!

Give Your Home a Face Lift with New Flooring!

We are the flooring showroom NH residents trust! Our enormous selection includes all the most popular flooring products available today. You will find hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl, green flooring and stair runners in a variety of styles and colors so there’s always something that matches your budget and home décor taste!

Flooring has a major impact on the look and comfort of any home. Aside from the ceilings and walls, the floor is one of the largest parts of any living space. Its color, texture and overall appearance can completely change the tone within a room. Make an area cozier with the rich wood grain found in classic hardwood or create a new, exciting space with ceramic and glass tiles.

Flooring Advice You Can Trust

Our high quality products aren’t the only reason we are the flooring showroom NH families prefer. Our knowledgeable staff understands the importance of picking out the right type of flooring while staying within budget. We can provide expert advice and make recommendations that will help make your floor shopping experience as stress-free as possible.

We want to work with you to ensure that you find the perfect product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. No matter what your requirements may be, our staff is always available to listen and suggest the best flooring to achieve the look you want in a product that will last. We also can create beautiful area rugs and stair runners that will enhance visual appeal and add a layer of protection that will prolong the life of your floors.

Professional Floor Installation with Options

We also offer reliable floor installation services that are available to residential, new construction and light commercial customers. Our hardworking team makes sure that your flooring is installed the right way so you can get back to doing the things you love with minimal hassle. Customers who visit our flooring showroom in our Portsmouth NH location can also purchase products from us for self-installation projects. Whether you want to handle it on your own or prefer to have a professional do the work, we can accommodate you!

Find the Perfect Floor Today!

If you haven’t visited our flooring showroom in our Portsmouth NH location, now is the best time to stop by! You can see many flooring types featured and feel the quality of each product. We will even loan floor samples for free so you can see the product in your home before making a decision.

New floors can increase property values and make your home more inviting. Start the process of improving your living space by visiting us for a free consultation with one of our flooring experts!

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Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring


Cork flooring is one of the most sustainable types of flooring our customers can buy.

Cork grows on a species of oak tree that’s native to the Iberian peninsula. It makes up the tree’s outer layer. The remarkable thing about cork is that it can be harvested from the tree without damage. Cork is taken from the tree about every nine years or so. After that, the cork is simply processed and ready to be installed.

The top cork layer on the planks is laid over several layers that are bonded together under high heat and pressure. This makes them very strong and resilient.  Also available but not as popular are 12″ x 12″ cork tiles but do offer flexibility of design.

Cork planks are considered floating floors and are installed like laminate, clicking together.   The cork is placed on top of a subfloor but not secured to it. The floor beneath it needs to be a hard surface and relatively flat.  Cork should never be laid over carpeting.  Cork tiles are glued down to the subfloor.  We recommend that the cork planks or tiles be left in the room where they’re going to be installed for about 72 hours. This gives the cork time to acclimate to the room’s humidity.

Another great thing about our cork flooring is that they come in a wealth of colors. They range from blues to grays, greens, reds and an amazing palette of browns. This makes it versatile product that will complement the decor of any room.  Cork is also naturally fire resistant and resists moisture, though it does expand and contract a bit according to the humidity in the room. Though it shouldn’t be cleaned with a soaking wet mop, customers shouldn’t be afraid of having cork installed in their kitchens!

We at the B & C Floor Store are pleased to offer our customers in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area the beauty, durability and comfort of cork floors. For more information about our cork floors, feel free to visit our showroom or give us a call at (603) 436-9686.


Flooring with a Timeless Presence for Any Kitchen

Flooring with a Timeless Presence for Any Kitchen

Did You Know That Cork is Green?

Green is not just a color anymore, green is symbolic for eco friendly materials. One remarkable eco-friendly material solution for flooring is cork. It is the unique cellular structure of cork that gives it exceptional characteristics and benefits. It is estimated that there are over 200 million microscopic air chambers in a cubic inch of cork that provides comfort, resilence and recovery as well as thermal insulation and sound control.

Cork flooring is becoming more and more popular in renovated and newly constructed homes. There are many colors to choose from and it goes well with classic to modern decor. Cork floors are soft underfoot yet durable and easy to maintain. These great features are what sold our customer on the cork floor featured in the kitchen below.

It’s soft muted color provides the perfect contrast against the deep chestnut wood accents of the cabinets and compliments the stainless steel appliances beautifully. Each of these elements combined together creates a sense of harmony that gives this room a warm feel.  It allows the light to be reflected gracefully giving a sense of open and airiness. if you are thinking of putting cork flooring in your kitchen, please stop by our showroom so that we can show you many options that are available to you to suit your budget and style.

Before                                                                                                                                  After

Kitchen tile to cork Before_WM Kitchen cork after_WM