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They’re warm, they’re soft, they’re durable and they’re varied. Choosing the carpet that is right for you is an important undertaking. Oftentimes, a well-loved carpet can last for years in your home or can last just a few if you pick out the wrong one for a certain area.

Carpets are manufactured using different fibers and dependent on what fibers are used, the carpet construction style is created.  Carpet construction style (we will refer to this as just style) refers to how the carpet fibers are assembled and determines the look or style of the carpet.

Plush / Saxony carpet also known as cut pile often starts out in the manufacturing process as loop pile then has the tips sheared off creating an even height pile appearance that is plush and elegant. They are available in nylon, polyester & wool.  Mostly used in low traffic formal living rooms and bedrooms.

Textured carpet is a multi level loop pile where the loops are at two to three different heights creating a variety of casual looks. This carpet is also considered a cut pile and works great at hiding foot traffic.   Available in polyester, wool and nylon.  You will see this durable carpet installed in family rooms, bedrooms, hallways and stairs.

Frieze (pronounced free zay) carpet is known for its tightly twisted and kinked carpet fibers. This style of carpet hides traffic footprints and vacuum cleaner marks very well because it is non-directional. Friezes are casual, very durable as well as affordable like their berber counterparts.  This style is installed in family rooms, bedrooms, hallways and stairs.

Pattern style carpet is the combination of cut and loop pile yarns to create different designs and patterns and varying textures.  This style carpet is the combination of cut and loop pile yarns to create different designs and patterns of varying textures.  The pattern is made by varying the heights of the loops and are available in Polyester and nylon fibers.  Because of the many designs available, this is probably the most versatile of styles for your most rooms in your home.

Berber carpets are known by their low loop pile construction, durability and affordability. They are very popular for their heavy traffic areas such as offices, schools, family rooms and finished basements. They are also stain resistant. Today there are many types of Berber carpets made from a range of materials. The most common are nylon, Olefin fiber and wool.

There are many options to choose from, but The B & C Floor Store LLC will guide you through the process of choosing the best carpet for you home or office.

We help you create a stylish space one floor at a time.

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