Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring in Portsmouth

Timeless beauty is always present in a room with hardwood flooring. Its classic look evokes warmth and sophistication. Like a fine wine, hardwood flooring gains character with age. From country to contemporary, its versatility complements every decor. We carry an extensive variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods including:

Domestic                                           Exotic

Birch                                                    Acacia

Cherry                                                 Brazilian Cherry

Hickory                                               Kempas

Maple                                                  Mahogany

Oak                                                      Merpauh Ash (natural & stained)

Walnut                                                Southern Chestnut


Choosing the perfect hardwood requires professional guidance. Come, visit our showroom where we will make the selection process effortless. We will gather information about your flooring needs and show you many examples to meet your budget, decor and lifestyle, as well as highlighting the latest trends. Our installation team will lay your floor in simple patterns or combine woods to create insets, motifs, and borders. If you’re seeking a durable, easy-to-maintain, rich, classic flooring choice, then hardwood is the answer. We help you create a stylish space one floor at a time.