A New Shower Installation Creates a Luxurious Retreat at Home

A New Shower Installation Creates a Luxurious Retreat at Home

Happy January. It’s time to kick off the new year with a fresh, clean start. And, what better way to do that than with a brand new shower installation from the B & C Floor Store in Portsmouth, NH.

At B & C Floor Store we like to create showers for our customers that are luxurious retreats so you can feel like you’re in a spa but in the comfort of your own home.

There’s so many creative ways to add elements that create unexpected storage, waterfalls, and more. Here’s our top 7 ways to create a unique shower installation in your home – but, rest assured . . . every shower we create is custom, so no two will be alike.

1. Create storage with niches (inserts in the wall) or corner shelves
2. Add decorative elements such as glass or stone
3. Bring in a touch of outside with pebbles on the shower floor
4. Be fashion savvy with large scale tiles and/or subway tiles
5. Add a bench either in the corner or a built in one on a side of the shower
6. Go low maintenance with porcelain or ceramic tiles that look like natural stone
7. Create the illusion of a waterfall with a vertical of glass tiles on the shower head wall
How to Create a Luxurious Retreat at Home with a New Shower Installation. Click for the top 7 ways to create a unique shower installation in your home. From B & C Floor Store in Portsmouth, NH
If you’re curious about the types of tiles you can use in your custom shower installation, here’s a quick run down:
Porcelain Tiles: durable and more resistant to staining
Ceramic Tiles: easy to clean and durable, also resistant to stains, odors and scratches
Natural Stones: eco-friendly option that provides longevity, ease of maintenance, permanence and stability
Metal Tiles: creates visual appealing work of art when combined with glass or natural stone
Glass Tiles: embraces color and light while being impervious to stains and water damage

Are you ready to create your very own Luxurious Retreat at Home with a New Shower Installation?

If yes, be sure to give us a call at The B & C Floor Store and let us help you create the relaxation spot of your dreams, in your own home. You can reach us at 603-436-9686 to set up an appointment or please stop by our showroom to see the latest tile products that just came in.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Every year stone and tile companies continue to challenge themselves when it comes to the design of new products. They are continuously improving and expanding their product lines be it a new pattern, shape or size. But no matter how many tile product lines are added, there is one constant and that is natural stone. Who doesn’t love the look and feel of natural stone? Most do and there are many benefits! It’s natural, eco-friendly, it looks modern and luxurious at the same time and it adds a certain elegance that captures everyones heart.

When you visit our showroom, you will notice we showcase many tile samples of both natural and manmade stone. At a glance, it is hard to tell the difference…. but which one should you choose? Typically, it is your budget that will lead you to the right path of natural vs man made stone.

We are so excited to share with you a project we just finished in North Hampton, New Hampshire. Chris Howlett from Diamond Hill Builders spearheaded this project remodel. It consisted of a master bathroom all in natural stone and 2 other bathrooms (one for each daughter) in man made stone. Can you tell the difference?

We thank Diamond Hill Builders (http://diamondhillbuilders.com) again for thinking of us as their tile and installation company of choice!

The master bath is all Crema Marfil Marble, 12 x 12 on the bathroom floor, shower ceiling and shower walls, some set straight and some set on a diagonal separated by a bursa beige mini brick decorative. 1 x 1 tiles are on the shower floor and there are also 2 pencil rails,  2 corner shelves and 2 wall niches. Grout Tec: Unsanded Pearl with Grout Boost: a grout protector.

Master Bath in Natural Stone

Master Bath After


The 2 kids bath have Alaska White 3 x 6 tiles on the tub walls with Bright White Grout, 1 Niche each.  The floors are Roca Bianco 12 x 12 with Antique White Grout.

Kids Bath before

Kids Bath After

Kids bath after #2

Exeter, NH Bathroom is a BIG Splash

Exeter, NH Bathroom is a BIG Splash

232323232fp83232>uqcshlukaxroqdfv7524=ot>5;2-=;67=349=XROQDF>28659423;4258ot1lsiA Mother and Daughter Team Up to Design a Bathroom

A homeowner of Exeter, New Hampshire lived in a condo prior, and a few years ago purchased a home on a cul-de sac with a beautiful yard and lots of privacy. Living in a detached home was a big change from condo living but a welcomed one. The bathrooms needed updating especially the master bathroom. This homwowner/mother teamed up with her daughter to design a bathroom similar to one that was on a design show. It is true that necessity and budget will drive the project,  but magazines, TV home shows and your local floor and tile store will offer much inspiration.

It was important to our Exeter, NH homeowner to keep her home up-to-date for both personal and resale reasons and we were happy to assist her! She wanted something current, yet classic with a contrast between the walls and floor.

The homeowner had the walls painted in the Ben Moore, Color Navajo White. The tiles we used in the

Carrera Bathroom

Master Bathroom:
Master Floor:  12 x 24 Dark Gray Tile installed running bond w/ charcoal gray grout providing a contrast with the walls
Shower Floor:  Dark Gray 2 x 2 matches the bath floor for a rich cohesive look throughout the bathroom
Shower Walls:  Mediterranea Statuario Venetino 3 x 6 Running Bond (similar to white carrara) with 4 rows of Anatolia Bliss Iceland Random Decorative. We customized a corner shelf ideal for sitting or for the lady of the house a great shelf to shave your legs. The shower nook is a perfect decorative solution for storing shampoos and conditioners.



Guest Bathroom:
Daltile Veranda Color Rock 12 x 24 with Tec Delorean Gray Grout installed on a running bond horizontally across the room to give a wider feel in this guest bathroom.






232323232fp83232>uqcshlukaxroqdfv3345;2-=;67=349=XROQDF>28658-849-258ot1lsiPowder Room:
Daltile Veranda Color Rock 13″ x 13″ with Tec Delorean Gray Grout installed on a straight lay for a simple clean look. This was the best choice pattern for this small powder room.

Our customer is so pleased with her new spaces.  The tile feels clean and soft where everything felt gritty and old before.

A lovely transformation!

Wood Textured Ceramic Tiles Provide NH Homeowners With Durability in High Traffic Areas

Wood Textured Ceramic Tiles Provide NH Homeowners With Durability in High Traffic Areas

The Benefits of Ceramic Tile with the Beauty of Wood – Wood Textured Ceramic Tiles

Replacing your home’s floors can be stressful and expensive, but it can result in gorgeous new floors for you and your family to enjoy.  With the amount of time and effort you spend replacing your home’s floors, you understandably want to make a decision that will result in floors that you can enjoy for years to come. While there are many materials options available for you to consider, many homeowners are overwhelmingly making the decision to install durable wood textured porcelain tiles in their high traffic areas.

There are many lovely flooring materials that you may be interested in installing in your home, and some of these include real wood and carpeting. Each type of flooring has its appeal, but also has drawbacks that should be considered. A common issue with some flooring materials stems from the fact that they do not hold up well in high-traffic areas, such as family rooms, hallways, entryways and kitchens. You may love the warmth and beauty of real wood, but you may cringe at the thought of your wood floors showing wear due to foot traffic, scratches from your pet’s toenails and more. Carpet is another option, but can show wear patterns in high traffic areas. More than that, carpet also is prone to staining, and it may hold onto odors from drink spills, pets and more.

Why Wood Textured Ceramic Tiles Are the Best Option
With these factors in mind, you may rule out options like hardwood floors and carpeting from contention, but you may discover that wood textured porcelain tiles are ideal for these areas of the home. These are specially engineered ceramic tiles that offer all of the benefits of durable, affordable ceramic flooring coupled with the beauty of real wood. Some homeowners believe that these tiles will not give the same overall look as real wood however wood textured tiles carry the same sheen, texture, size and shape as wood. And they will not scratch, stain or show other signs of wear.  Grout lines can be minimal and can be matched to the surface of your tile.

Wood textured ceramic tiles are becoming increasingly popular for use in New Hampshire homes today because of the durability, affordability and overall style of the tiles. The good news is that the popularity of this material has led to even greater color and style options. If you want to enjoy the benefits of ceramic tile with the beauty of wood, you can take a closer look at some of the beautiful wood textured ceramic tiles available today.


Guest Bathroom in Stratham New Hampshire


Tub Walls: Maine Tile 20″ x 20″ Porcelain Tile w/ Delorean Gray Grout


Bath Floor: Madiera Beige 5″ x 31″ Porcelain Tile w/ Standard Gray Grout






A Natural Selection – Bamboo

A Natural Selection – Bamboo

Dover NH FamilyThe Family of Dover, NH
This wonderful couple’s family home had a fire that destroyed the upper level of their house. It was such an unfortunate and devastating experience for them but in the end it had a positive outcome. They were able to reconfigure their kitchen and their master suite to what they always dreamed of and their house became a home once again.

As soon as the renovation started so did the healing process. And we were thrilled to be part of it.  We replaced all of their flooring using cork, bamboo, tile and carpet. We are delighted to share photos with you of all the rooms we installed flooring and tile but we really want to talk more about bamboo and the wonderful benefits and qualities it offers, it is a natural selection!


Bamboo floor in kitchen

The family’s new kitchen with natural 3” solid strand woven bamboo flooring.

The growing popularity of bamboo floors is used as an alternative for flooring due to its similarities to hardwood and its unique renewable source of material. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. As a grass, bamboo grows much faster than wood and can be harvested without the need to replant because the root system is left intact. It has a comprehensive strength that is higher than wood, concrete or brick and has a tensile strength that measures up to steel. Not only is it eco-friendly, strong and durable, it now comes in a variety of colors and is easy to install.

We used natural 3” solid strand woven bamboo flooring in the this new kitchen. The warm contrast of the natural bamboo floor against the dark cabinetry makes this kitchen welcoming for family and friends.

We have provided below some of the bamboo floor choices available. There are many more to choose from and we hope you will stop by our showroom to look at the options available to you. You will not be disappointed!

Bamboo floor hand scrapedBamboo floor acorn Bamboo floor natural








Here are the rooms and products we used in completing the Dover family home.

 Dover home entry carpet





                                DINING ROOM
Dining Room







MASTER BEDROOM – Carpet installed in bedroom and walk-in closet
Master bedroom







Master Bathroom – Tile throughout the bathroom (shower, shower floor and bathroom floor)
Master Bathroom







DAUGHTERS BEDROOM – New Carpet Installed
Daughter's Bedroom










Daughters Bathroom






                  GUEST BEDROOM – New carpet installed
Guest Bedroom








                                     POWDER ROOM – Cork Flooring
Guest Bathroom