Effortlessly Chic Backsplashes

Effortlessly Chic Backsplashes

We are excited with this months topic for our blog, Effortlessly Chic Backsplashes. We have some great ideas for you that will enrich your kitchen just by updating your backsplash.

There are many options for your kitchen backsplash. In the past, many people just chose ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles. In recent years, however, other great choices have become more popular. We have been installing not only the classic ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles but we are combining them with glass and metal. The beauty of tile is timeless, your options endless. Follow along as we share some of our recent backsplash installations. We hope they inspire you to attain an effortlessly chic kitchen backsplash.

Below is a kitchen backsplash that we installed combining porcelain tile with metal tile accents. The majority of the backsplash is a 4” x 4” tile installed on a straight lay. Over the stove we switched to a 2” x 2” set on a diagonal surrounding the Daltile Urban Metal 6” x 6” Stainless Tile centered in the middle. The Daltile Ellipse Stainless Liner .5” x 12” encircles the area around the porcelain 2” x 2” tiles and  6” x 6” stainless tile.

We worked very closely with our customer in New Market, NH on this project. We guided them on the size of the tiles to choose – to be in keeping with the dimension of the area. We kept within their budget and offered suggestions to combine the husband and wife team’s individual styles. We provided them with several tile samples to take home to make sure it was exactly what they wanted for their kitchen. The outcome “effortlessly chic”!

B & C Backsplash 1

The backsplash installation below was located in Stratham, NH. It is amazing by just choosing  a few different sized tiles that compliment each other, how chic the outcome.  Our customer wanted colors in the gray family, a very popular color pallette with a classic feel for todays kitchens. We installed 5/8” Mosaic tile, Color: Waterfall on the majority of the backsplash. We used 5/8” random linear Mosaic Glass & Stainless, Color: Quartz, over the sink and between the refrigerator and pantry. The Grout color: Silverado. Just Stunning!

B & C Backsplash 2

The tile we used for another lovely Stratham, NH kitchen (they are actually neighbors of the family above) is Daltile, Clio Mosaic, CL15 installed horizontally on all walls except for above the stove and desk. Above the stove we installed a glass tile called Linen Color Washed Slate installed horizontally as well.  Above the desk, we installed the same Glass Linen Washed Slate vertically. The grout color we used throughout the kitchen backsplash project was Birch.

Young Kitchen



Sharing Our Customers Experience

We usually don’t put testimonials on our blog, we save them for our testimonial page but we thought we would make an exception for this one and share it with you.

Dear Carol and Brett, 

I cannot thank you enough for all your help and patience throughout the process of choosing a new backsplash for our newly remodeled kitchen. You did such a great job on our foyer that there was no question that we had to use B & C Floor Store!

I am not one to write a recommendation as I am about to do right now (although I regularly compliment those face-to-face who provide us with great service.) But I feel the need to do so for you and your crew for another outstanding job. I hope that you are able to post this testimonial where many can read it because we feel that it is important that your readers  know what an amazing company B & C Floor Store is.

I know that this has been such a busy season for you and I just want to refresh your memory a bit on our project. My husband and I were torn between two backsplash ideas we found on Houzz – #1, a  black vertical tile and #2 a herringbone Carrera Marble. Carol, we were thrilled you were able to locate and also send us a sample of these tiles so that we could match it up to our cabinets, countertop and paint choice. When we received the samples we were able to narrow down our choice to the Carrera Marble. Although the photo of the black backsplash looked stunning, we wouldn’t have been happy with the dark bold look of it. Thank goodness we had the sample to help us come to best backsplash choice for us – the Carrera Marble. My husband felt the black was too bold and we both loved the Carrera Marble. Although we were madly in love with the herringbone pattern, we were a little reluctant to choose this wondering if it was going to be too trendy (the herringbone pattern goes way back but not necessarily for a tiled backsplash).


BC Nov blog bk back

BC Nov Blog tile








We wanted to send you photos of the finished backsplash and a close up of the tile installation. Just beautiful!! We couldn’t have done it without you! The standard, classic 3” x 6” honed subway tile in Carrera marble with Carrera marble 12” bull-nose trim, honed with white grout was the best choice for us… we couldn’t be happier!  Thank you so much for the level of service we received. Your attention to detail and customer dedication cannot be beat,  and your expert installer far exceeded our expectations.  Every person that has come to visit our newly remodeled kitchen raves at our backslpash (and kitchen too)! 

BC floorstore blog

We cannot thank you enough, Carol and Brett, and we would like to tell everyone out there that is in need of tile and flooring, PLEASE give B &C Floor Store a call, you will not be disappointed!

We looking forward to working on our next project with you!

Kathy & John N
Windham, NH

To our Readers:  Brett and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post this testimonial but our real intent is to let our readers know that we are here to help you throughout your flooring projects. If you are searching the internet and find a look you like, we can help you replicate it or find something similar just like our Windham NH customer.

We are very particular with the brands we carry, always keeping in mind availability, versatility, durability and affordability. Please visit us, our showroom has a gallery like setting with an open floor plan so our customers feel right at home.

Carol & Brett


Warm Ideas for the Cold Season Ahead

Warm Ideas for the Cold Season Ahead

Gather Around the Fireplace

B & C Floor Store Hot ChocolateNew Hampshire is a great state to live in especially in the winter. We have great skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snow mobiling, snowshoeing and many more outdoor activities to enjoy our cold season. And there is no better way to end the days activity than warming up to a nice hot fire with a cup of hot chocolate.

Before the season hits us with a blast of cold air and snow, now is the time to get your fireplace cleaned and to make any updates to enhance the ambiance as you gather around your fireplace during the cold months ahead. At B & C Floor Store, refacing fireplaces with stone or tile is one of our specialties. Provided below are some installations that we have done for our customers and we want to share them with you. We hope that some of these ideas will inspire you to update the look of your fireplace.







1) The focal point in this open concept family room is the floor to ceiling fireplace. As we have mentioned in another blog,  gray is the new neutral color and in this room our customer chose Ottomano Argento tile (a tile that is in the gray family) 12” x 24” installed in a vertical running bond pattern. A hearth was also installed to give the illusion that this is a wood burning fireplace even though Dockham Builders installed the electric one. The tile and pattern certainly compliments the expanse of the fireplace and lends itself to a sleek modern look.

B & C Floor Store filrplace #2

2) In this photo we installed Daltile California Gold Slate Vertex Deco, random lengths for the fireplace surround and Daltile California Gold Slate Vertex Deco 12″ x 12″ for the hearth. The colors on this slate are spectacular…there is such such a variety of tones that creates a warm feeling in this room even when the fireplace isn’t lit.

B & C pattern #2



B & C Floor Store Fireplace #3

3) Who doesn’t love marble? It seems to be one of the most popular stones today. It is widely used in kitchens and bathrooms and what a better way to showcase your fireplace than using marble. Here we installed 12” x 12” marble tiles in a grid pattern giving this fireplace a classic look that will go with any style room.B & C pettern #3



B & C Floor Store Fireplace #44) Our customer was looking for more of a beachy theme in her family room and chose this porcelain tile, 12” x 24” called MGC Traverse, Color: Bone. The universal style, color and movement of the tile was just fitting for the look she wanted in her room. But this particular tile can be used in any style room from traditional to modern to eclectic.

B & C pattern #4





Cozy up to your beautiful newly tiled fireplace with family, friends or a significent other and sip on a nice warm mug of hot chocolate (recipe below) that will keep you warm while you admire your fireplace.

B & C Hot Cocoa



Delicious and Easy Hot Chocolate
4 1/2 cups milk
8 ounces chopped milk, bittersweet or combination of both chocolates
1 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
1 tsp. instant espresso or coffee powder
Mashmallow fluff or whipped cream to dallop each mug of hot chocolate

Heat the milk in a saucepan on medium heat just as the milk starts to bubble on the sides (stirring all the long). Remove pan from the heat and add the chocolate. When melted add the sugar, vanilla and coffee powder and wisk vigorously until all ingredients are combined. Return to heat for a few minutes and serve immediately. Garnisg each serving with a dallop of mashmallow fluff or whipped cream



Gray new neutral head



Gray tile samplesIt was not too long ago when tan, taupe, beige and ecru were the most popular neutral colors. Today interior designers, decorators and stagers are advising their clients that GRAY is the new neutral. Not only does it visually expand the space but when paired with bright accent colors it provides a refreshing space that makes you want to stay.

Just as E.L. James novel, 50 Shades of Gray, is flying off the book shelves, so are different shades of gray tile rocking sales at B & C Floor Store! Many of our customers are coming to our showroom asking for marble tile for their back splashes and walk-in showers and we are pairing it with glass or metal accent tiles. Gray tiles, provide a chic and contemporary style.

With many beautiful tiles to choose from and complimentary design help from Carol & Brett Burgard you can create a look that is yours and yours alone. Join us as we share with you some of the projects completed using gray, the new neutral!

Gray tiled kitchen









B & C Floor Store in Demand in Hampton, New Hampshire

Gray Tiled Bathroom

Bringing this bathroom into the modern era meant that our customer just about started from scratch. A new vanity, walk-in shower, flooring and fixtures were a must so our Hampton, NH customer hired Diamond Hill Builders for their bathroom renovation, and… we were hired for their flooring and tile needs. Not too long ago, we did a few rooms for this customer and we were delighted to have had the opportunity to team up with them again.

Diamond Hill Builders worked very closely with the customer throughout the bathroom renovation and we guided them throughout the process of choosing the right tile to the final installation.

To balance the soft white cabinets and the light blue painted walls, a warm gray porcelain tile for the floor was chosen: Ottomano Argento 12” x 12”  with Silverado grout. The shower floor was laid with Ottomano Argento Mosaics 2” x 2” tile and we installed a custom corner bench with 3” x 6” Florida tile in Streamline Grey. The decorative tile used in the shower is a Bliss Iceland decorative with Carrara Marble and glass 4”. To tie in all the tiled surfaces we installed a wall cap with Carrara Marble.

We were all so pleased with the outcome!




Vinyl Flooring?  Really?

Vinyl Flooring? Really?

026Vinyl has come along way. This is not your mother’s vinyl floor! Some of the newest products are cushion vinyl and groutable vinyl tiles.

Are you renting an apartment and hate the floor? Cushion vinyl such as Tarkett’s Fiber Floor is a great option because you can loose lay it over your current floor. When you leave you can take it with you to use in another room in your new place. Lots of great styles: wood grain, tile look, black and white, etc.

If the ceramic tile look appeals to you but think it’s too hard or cold, then groutable vinyl tiles are for you. The grout is acrylic so it will not stain. There are some great styles that look like stone, ceramic or slate.  This is a great option for active families or rentals because not only is it durable but if a tile is damaged it can easily be replaced.  No need to live with the offending dent or stain.

Vinyl can be installed in laundry rooms, entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, sunrooms or any room you need a durable, stylish floor.  It’s not for everyone but it is a great option for the new homeowner who does not want to live with the previous owners floors, seniors who need a floor with a little “give” or rentors who would like to freshen up their floors without breaking the bank.

Mention this blog post when you come visit and you will get 10% off on your vinyl order (materials only).