A Sense of Place: A Home Transformed By The Use Of Tile

A Sense of Place: A Home Transformed By The Use Of Tile

If redecorating is your way of brightening up the end of a long winter, let us share with you our story of how we did that for a customer with tile! 

Couple with moving boxes.

A lovely couple from Stratham, New Hampshire downsized their home to a condo and updated their new kitchen and two bathrooms with beautiful tile.  

This winter our customer was downsizing from their 4400 s/ft home to a 2200 s/ft single dwelling condo and was thrilled to be making the transition. They loved everything about the condo but wanted to update the kitchen with new cabinets, countertop and tiled backsplash. The 2 bathrooms were kinda stuck in the 80’s and needed updating as well. They wanted to create their sense of place that was their own warm, inviting and functional. That is where we came in.

This lovely couple came to our showroom needing some guidance not only with types, styles and different sizes of tiles but with creative placement ideas that would suit their new home and taste. They wanted to do the installation themselves but wanted us to provide the tile, decorative edging, grout.

Believe it or not, the kitchen and the guest bathroom was the easiest rooms for the couple. As for the master bathroom… well, we’d like to mention that when they saw their shower tile, they fell in love with it but was struggling to find a complimentary tile for the decorative and the floor.  The shower tile was a strong color so we felt they needed a more subdued floor tile.  They wanted a decorative element but they wanted the wall tile to be the star.  So they chose to add a 2” x 2” decorative row in the shower that matched the floor.  We successfully helped them with their selections after meeting several times and we are thrilled to show you the results!  Our customers couldn’t be happier and we couldn’t be happier!

Please click on the video below showcasing the tiles we used in the kitchen, master and guest bathrooms.


Anatolia Capri Beige 3 x 6 Tiles with Bronze 5/8” Decorative Tile Edge, Brick Lay
Cambria Quartz Countertop

Kitchen Williams Backsplash with Cambria Quartz Countertop

Kitchen Williams Backsplash with Stainless Switchplates











Master Bath
Shower: Cliffside 13 x 13 Tile, Color: Ocean, Decorative Tile:  2 x 2 Laufen Equinox, Color: Mosaic Mix
Floor Tile: 12 x 12 Laufen Equinox, Color: Sienna
Grout Color: Tec Pearl #988
Walls: Benjamin Moore, 2141-40 Creekside
Featured Wall: Benjamin Moore, 2141-30 Army Green

Williams Master Bath Bench

Williams Master 2 x 2 Deco Laufen Equinox Color Mosaic Mix Williams Master Cliffside 13 x 13 color ocean








Guest Bath
Shower: 12 x 12 tile, Color: Aida Brown, Grout Color: Tec Sandstone #961, Installation: Straight Lay
Floor Tile: 12 x 12 Celtic Flare, Color: Beige, Installation: Brick Lay, Grout Color: Tec Light Chocolate #944

Williams 1 Guest Bath Floor 12 x 12 Celtic Flare BeigeWilliams 3 Guest Bath Aida Brown 12 x 12 with Tec Sandstone Grout #961Williams 2 Guest Set on a brick lay, Grout Tec Light Chocolate #944-1


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